Varieties of Trees we use for our Firewood


Oak is a hard wood making it one of the best types of wood for burning. Oak firewood is very dense and will give off more BTUs of heat. Since it is a hard wood, it burns slowly with a low flame. We have taken the time to properly season or kiln dry our Oak firewood to ensure it is at it's best burning capability. It is best used to bring out the bold flavors in your food.


Hickory is a hard wood and considered the most sought after type of wood for adding a quality "smoked" flavor to food. Hickory firewood gives off high heat and burns with a strong, sweet aroma. While its most popular uses are for cooking and smoking, it provides a great flame for campfires as well.

Mixed Hard Woods

Our mixed hard woods consist of maple, poplar, gum, ash, elm, beech and sycamore. Please call us to learn more.

Specialty Woods

We also provide a variety of specialty hard woods for firewood. Please call for specialty species firewood and/or products.