Firewood Varieties We Have Available


White Oak and Red Oak are a "hard" hardwood species and are some of the best burning firewood available. Because of their dense nature, once properly seasoned or kiln-dried, they will give off high amounts of BTU's, thereby producing hot and consistently long burning embers. Oaks burn extremely efficiently, meaning they produce maximum heat but are slow to dissipate. We have both white and red oak products available, so call us today to learn more and place your order.


Hickory is another "hard" hardwood species that is dense, allowing it to burn longer and hotter than some other hardwood species. Hickory provides an aromatic "sweet smoky flavoring" to foods and has long been a favorite for all varieties of BBQ cooking. Hickory is an overall great firewood for fireplaces and campfires, as well as grilling and smoking.

Mixed Hardwoods

Our mixed hardwood firewood is the best selection for an overall high-quality product for the best value. While it consist of primarily white oak, red oak and hickory it does have a mixture of poplar, gum, ash and maple. Because our mixed hardwood firewood is properly seasoned or kiln-dried it provides a very uniform, consistent and hot burning fire.

Specialty Cooking Woods

We, at East Coast Firewood, also provide a variety of specialty cooking woods, and upon request, can make arrangements to meet nearly every demand or need. Some of our specialty products include all hickory, pecan, cherry, all white oak and even a oak/hickory blend that we re-split to an even smaller size for pizza ovens and small wood-fired grills. These products are available for restaurants, novice or professional grillers/smokers, commercial establishments or the residential customer. Call us today to place your order.