East Coast Firewood

East Coast Firewood, LLC is NOT your average,  “run-of-the-mill” firewood supplier.  We are forest resources experts, consisting of registered foresters, raw material procurement specialist and community-minded business professionals.  

Affiliated with Hunt Forest Resources, LLC, which is a timber management and wood products dealership, East Coast Firewood possesses the knowledge, experience and dedication to deliver only the finest quality firewood products to our customers while preserving the long-term sustainability of healthy forests.  East Coast Firewood is engaged in every aspect of the wood products business and therefore ensures the highest level of quality control throughout each step of the supply chain.  Our dedicated and passionate team strive each day to live up to our motto:  Exceptional is the Expectation.

While we are proud to be a central North Carolina business, associated with the “Got to Be NC” agriculture coalition and North Carolina Forestry Association, our premium USDA certified kiln-dried hardwood firewood products far exceed all State and National regulation requirements and are certified to be pest and mold-spore free, therefore our kiln dried products can legally and ethically be transported across all state lines and into all State and National parks/campgrounds.  We can, and do, ship kiln-dried firewood all over the southeastern United States.