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Whether you are a repeat or new customer, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to supply you with a quality product that hopefully exceeds your expectations. 

Our commitment of “exceptional is the expectation” drives our daily objectives. 

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Our kiln-dried hardwood firewood is primarily cut to approximately 15”-17” long and is typically 3”-6” in diameter. It is split, tumbled (which helps remove excess bark and debris) and then dropped directly into large steel baskets, where it undergoes an extensive kiln drying process. The kilns are specifically designed for firewood, meaning they reach extremely high temperatures, which significantly reduces the moisture content of the wood and kills all potential mold spores and/or pests. Once the kiln cycle is completed the wood is stored indoors until it is either packaged or delivered to the customer…once split, it never touches the ground again until delivered to our customers. Because the kilns operate similar to large convection ovens, the wood is consistently dried to a very low moisture content, and, because it has not been exposed to the elements, it will look almost like newly split wood. It is extremely clean, certified to be pest and mold-spore free, lights easily, and burns hot and consistent. It also produces significantly less smoke and ash, due to the low moisture content, which also reduces the amount of creosote (the black “ashy” looking byproduct created from wood-burning fires) buildup within chimneys and fireplaces, thereby reducing risks associated with chimney fires.

With that being said, we continuously have kiln-dried hardwood firewood available all year long for deliveries and pick-ups. Based on our quality control measures and long kiln-drying cycle times, we are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy this clean, hot burning, dry firewood product. Once split from log form into firewood sizes, it never touches the ground until delivered to you, the customer. Kiln dried firewood offers a truly “next-level” firewood experience. This firewood is perfect for all fireplaces, fire pits (including Solo Stoves and Breeo pits), chimineas, wood stoves and all BBQ cooking usages. It is an all-natural premium product that is safe for all firewood uses, including (especially) cooking!

Obviously, there is more handling, along with the cost of kiln-drying operations, so it makes kiln-dried hardwood firewood slightly more expensive than typical “seasoned” firewood, however, kiln-dried firewood is in a “league of its own” when it comes to easy lighting, a hot and consistent burn, and it creates much less smoke and ash, therefore ensuring for an overall great firewood experience. We, at East Coast Firewood, believe you should be spending more time enjoying your fires with friends and family instead of “fighting” with trying to get a good fire started.

This is hardwood firewood that has been split and simply left outside, exposed to the elements, in order to naturally season over time. Since many hardwood species can be 50%+ moisture content when freshly cut (“green” wood), the seasoning process is nothing more than allowing time, sun and wind to help dissipate the moisture percentage of the wood. Density of the wood, heavy rains, less wind and sun exposure, are all uncontrollable factors that can dictate whether the firewood reaches optimal moisture ratio levels. We, at East Coast Firewood, generally consider firewood to be “seasoned” after approximately 6-8 months from being split, however, since the splitting process is continuous, it is impossible to guarantee the age and/or moisture content of each piece of seasoned firewood. We have also found that the term “seasoned” is very subjective. If you want “peace of mind” that your firewood will light easier, burn hot, consistent and clean, we highly recommend our premium kiln-dried firewood.

Please Note: Our seasoned firewood is also split using multiple techniques. Some of it is split utilizing our high-performance/high-production processors, which are designed to provide a more consistent length and width, whereas, much of our “seasoned” firewood is processed utilizing single-wedge processors. Our kiln-dried product is only split using the high-performance processors and, therefore, will have a much more consistent shape and size compared to the seasoned product. Also, please be advised, the only way that we can efficiently load any quantity of the seasoned product is by scooping it from the concrete pads with front-end loaders. Due to the natural breakdown of this organic product, there WILL BE some debris, loose bark, etc. within the load, and if delivery is requested, please be aware that you are accepting this as part of your order. We do our absolute best to provide a clean and uniform product, but we do not “hand load” pieces of firewood. The seasoned firewood will also be slightly less uniform in shape and sizing, compared to the kiln-dried firewood.

All of the firewood that we sell as “green” firewood is produced exactly the same way that our premium kiln-dried hardwood firewood is produced, except it has not been cycled through the drying kilns.  This hardwood firewood is all processed with our high-performance processors and will be very uniform in shape and size.  It goes through the same tumbling process as the kiln-dried product, and drops into the same steel baskets.  However, instead of going through the extensive kiln-drying processes it is available to sell, as is.  This is a great product to purchase in advance, stack it yourself at home, and allow it to season over time before utilizing it.  As the name indicates, this is typically freshly split wood, and it is not recommended for immediate use.  Some customers enjoy having this product to add into more seasoned or kiln dried firewood fires, or utilizing sporadically in smoking/cooking, since it will produce more smoke than dryer products. 

As members of the North Carolina Forestry Association (NCFA) and the Got To Be NC coalition, as well as the Chatham County Chamber of Commerce, we strive to provide only the highest quality products to our customers. For our kiln-dried hardwood firewood we utilize various quality control measures to include digital moisture readers, random sampling and direct oversight of our inventory rotation in order to best provide our customers with only the highest quality firewood. Our goal is to allow you the best firewood experience, without hassles or stress.

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