Burning Question: How Much Firewood Is Enough?

If you ask us, you can never have too much – you just need to shop smart! Before your first swing at firewood shopping, let’s decode some lingo. A bundle is like a little firewood starter pack, usually 6-9 pieces, roughly 0.75 cubic feet. You can spot these at your local gas station or grocery store – they’re the popular kids of the firewood world, with 1.5 million bundles getting shipped every year from East Coast Firewood alone. Now, if you want to go big, we talk about “cords.” 

A full cord is the kingpin, a massive 4′ x 8′ x 4′ stack that’s, well, massive. There are about 800 pieces of wood in a cord – that’s three half-ton pickup truck loads full of wood. A half cord is, you guessed it, half of that. And then there’s the third cord, or face cord, which is 8′ x 4′ x 16″ – still a solid amount. Last but not least, there’s the sixth cord, also known as the short rack. 

Keep in mind that the average 36″ fireplace burns 4 logs of wood per hour, that means the ~800 logs of firewood in a full cord equals 200 hours of burn time. So assess your needs and buy accordingly. And if you’re rolling with East Coast Firewood, we’ve got these nifty storage racks custom-made for their one-third and one-sixth cord units so, you’re all set to stock up and keep warm!

Stock up on firewood today.